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Russia sponsoring cyber warfare

The Estonian Government has long held Russia responsible for the DDOS attacks against Estonian networks in May 2007. The evidence to back that up finally came when a member of a Russian sponsored youth organization Nashe told the press he and some associates were responsible for the attacks.


Russians: Uncle Joe is a-ok

A poll conducted by a Russian TV station about who’s the greatest Russian of all time concluded with Joseph Stalin in third place. That certainly explains a thing or two about what’s going on in that country.

Next week: Adolf Hitler to be crowned the Greatest German of all time in a poll by Der Spiegel.


Blood feuds in full effect in Ingushetia

Ingushetia, a small federal subject of Russia located next to Ossetia, has seen a lot of upheaval in recent weeks. Ever since the murder or accidental killing, depending on who you ask, of Magomed Yevloev violence in the area has been escalating.

Mr. Yevloev’s killing has been blamed on the Interior Minister and President of Ingushetia. Mr. Yevloev’s relatives swore to avenge his killing by killing anyone involved, including the President and the Interior Minister and their families. In recent weeks there have been attacks against President’s family, as well as others.

Looks like an escalating blood feud is taking place in Ingushetia.


Human rights activists continue to get persecuted in Russia

In yet another small Russian province human rights activists are getting persecuted by the local gestapo.

In Nizhny Novgorod, located in central Russia, the local police force raided the offices of a human rights activist group and homes of several opposition leaders. All computers of the Foundation to Promote Tolerance were confiscated and the office was sealed.

Some of the people raided got their passports confiscated. Maxim Baganov got slapped with a charge for Extremism. Basically the authorities are charging him for being a terrorist, more or less. All the people involved have been under 24/7 surveillance for some time before the raids.

The people getting persecuted in this manner are speculating that show trials are the next step in the process. They are saying the authorities will fabricate extremist material in their name and recall “victims” of extremist actions conducted by the opposition leaders. Goebbels would be proud of these New Communists.


Russian authorities to investigate election fraud

About time!

Oh, wait…they’re not investigating the rampant and transparent fraud by Vladimir Putin and his henchmen, but that of an opposition leader running against Putin’s puppet in the upcoming presidential elections.

Apparently the Kremlin thinks Mikhail Kasyanov forged 15,000 signatures that he was required to submit to support his candidacy after Putin banned his party.

It’s amazing at which lengths the Putin Dictatorship goes to secure another .1% of votes. Kinda reminds me of what the communists did. Makes you wonder.


Soviet Russia interns dissidents in mental institutions

The Soviet era tactics in dealing with opposition leaders continue unabated in Russia.

The International Secretariat of the World Organization Against Torture (OMCT) is reporting that Russian authorities are holding Mr. Artyom Basyrov against his will in a mental institute and are medicating him heavily with drugs. His relatives were not informed of his imprisonment and they have been unable to visit Mr. Basyrov in the hospital.

Mr. Basyrov was kidnapped in Yoshkar-Ola, the capital of Mari-El, on November 23rd 2007 late at night by two men in civilian clothes. He’s been imprisoned ever since.

If the “softening” of this man continues according to age old Soviet formula, he’ll be mysteriously beaten up in the hospital or soon after his release (if he is ever released) by assailants nobody will see or hear, he will then be charged with some bogus crime and sentenced to home arrest while all his belongings relating to his political activities will quite coincidentally be confiscated.

Let’s see how it goes.


Russian Government kills an opposition leader

Yuri Chervochkin, a 22-year-old leader of the National-Bolshevik Party (NBP) has died from his injuries received from a vicious beating just before the Russian Parliamentary elections.

Mr. Chervochkin called a friend hours before his attack and claimed he was being chased by the police. The police had threatened him repeatedly before finally killing him.

That’s Russian democracy for you.


99% of Chechnyans vote and 99% of them vote for Putin

The Russian Parliamentary election results are in, and Chechnya ends up shining as the glorious example to the rest of the Soviet Union, um, Russia.

It seems that in this country, which was attacked by the Russians and Putin was the one who ordered the attack, 99% of eligible voters ended up voting. That, in itself, is pretty remarkable, almost Soviet-like (in Soviet Union, it would’ve been 100%, but, hey, who’s counting!). But even more remarkable is that 99% of the voters voted for the party led by Putin, the man who ordered Russia’s troops into Chechnya.

And if you believe those results, call me, I’ve got some grade A steel construction to sell you between Brooklyn and Manhattan.


Stolen Elections – Also in Russia

Watch an interesting video of Russian election officers in Moscow polling station 730 stuff the ballot box with votes presumably for Dictator Putin’s party.

It really can’t be more obvious than that. Well done Putin!

The Finnish-Russian Civic Forum is covering the widespread fraud in Russian Parliamentary Elections quite excellently.


Putin shutting down critics using piracy witchhunts

If the Burmese Government was as smart about suppressing free speech and civil rights as the Russian Government is, they would’ve probably already killed all the monks in the country and gotten a medal for it from the US.

The latest tactic by the Russian Government to shut down critics involves raiding the offices of newspapers and political activists in search of pirated software. It’s pretty ingenious really when you think about it. The United States has pressed Russia for stronger intellectual property protection laws and enforcement for years. I don’t think this is what the US bargained for however.

The Washington Post is writing that in the past 10 months several newspapers, advocacy groups and political activists have been raided, their computer equipment has been confiscated and staff has been detained for questioning because alleged use of pirated software in at least five different cities.