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Magomed Yevloev, Russian human rights activist, killed by Ingushetia President, Murat Zyazikov

Magomed Yevloev was shot dead end of August by the Ingushetia Interior Ministry security personnel inside a police car after he was arrested at an airport.

Investigation into the murder has now revealed Mr. Yevloev was murdered by the order of Ingushetia President, Murat Zyazikov. An english translation by the Finnish Russian Civic Forum of a Ingushetia.ru article regarding the investigation outlines the events that took place and people who participated in the murder.

Let’s see what happens next. As a former KGB agent the President is somewhat of a Putin favorite. Vlad the Emperor has thrown repeated compliments and decorations on Mr. Zyazikov.

One thing is for sure. Relatives of Mr. Yevloev wowed to avenge the murder by going after the perpetrators and their families. Attacks against the President’s family have already taken place. It would be encouraging if those responsible for murders of Russian civil rights activists, such as Mr. Yevloev, would, for once, be held accountable for their crimes in a Russian court of law.


Blood feuds in full effect in Ingushetia

Ingushetia, a small federal subject of Russia located next to Ossetia, has seen a lot of upheaval in recent weeks. Ever since the murder or accidental killing, depending on who you ask, of Magomed Yevloev violence in the area has been escalating.

Mr. Yevloev’s killing has been blamed on the Interior Minister and President of Ingushetia. Mr. Yevloev’s relatives swore to avenge his killing by killing anyone involved, including the President and the Interior Minister and their families. In recent weeks there have been attacks against President’s family, as well as others.

Looks like an escalating blood feud is taking place in Ingushetia.


Russian opposition figureheads continue their dying

Word comes in today that Magomed Yevloev, an owner of the Ingush opposition web site, Ingushetiya.ru has been killed.

Kasparov.ru is reporting that Yevloev was killed by a single gunshot in the head. The information is not clear on who exactly killed him, but the implication appears to be that he was killed while in custody of the local Kremlin backed gestapo. The killers dropped him at a hospital critically wounded and simply drove off. Doctors at the hospital could not save his life.

According to reports from the area, the police is claiming a police officer’s gun discharged accidentally and a bullet hit Yevloev in the head. That would most certainly be one convenient accident for the local administration. They have, after all, been trying to silence Yevloev for quite some time.

Ingushetiya.ru, and its operators, have been under constant harassment by the Russian Government in recent months. Earlier this month, the site was ordered shut down by the Russian Government. Roza Malsagova, an editor of the website, fleed Russia to France and is reported to be seeking political asylum there. She’s also facing multiple criminal charges in Russia just because she’s involved with running the website. It looks like she is the lucky one.