RIAA gangs up on dead man’s family

RIAA sues man. Man dies before case is over. RIAA goes after the estate. RIAA wants to depose the dead man’s family.

But RIAA graciously allows 60 days for grieving.

The law firm litigating this case for RIAA is Soble Rowe Kirchbaum LLP. The asshole running the show is “Mr.” Kirchbaum:

What a delightful man. Looks so happy go lucky in that picture, too. Too bad he’s a necrophiliac.

Update: RIAA is dropping the case against Mr. Scantleberry. RIAA’s public relations release over the matter says:

Out of an abundance of sensitivity, we have elected to drop this particular case.

BoingBoing.net’s response really says it all.


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