Finland is big time now

Looks like in its never ending quest to copy everything American Finland’s taken yet another step.

A high school student in Tuusula, Finland went on a shooting spree in his school killing 8 people earlier today.

It appears the shooter gave several clues about his intentions before the shooting. He was wearing shirts with gun imagery, drawing pictures of shootings and even placed a video titled “Jokela High School Massacre – 11/7/2007″ on YouTube before the shooting. He told others who asked about his behavior that he was just joking.

The shooter was arrested. There is no death penalty in Finland. Shame really. Although it might be unnecessary as the shooter shot himself in the head and is now in an intensive care unit in critical condition. Doctors are saying his prognosis is not good.

Update: The shooter has died in the hospital without gaining consciousness.


1 Response to “Finland is big time now”

  • Man, weird. Why the hell would you do that? proclaim yourself “a natural selector” and go shooting people.
    Didn’t see that one coming in Finland, of all places.
    I hope he survives, so he can face what he’s done, instead of letting him get the easy way out, like Harris and Klebold.

    Also wonder how long it will take Tack Jhompson to react to this an blame it on videogames.

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