Shame on US and us, too

I just found out about a charity that donates car safety seats, among other things, to families in need. What a wonderful idea, I thought.

But then my wife pointed out that the organization has had to shut down the application process, because they are getting overwhelmed by the demand from families, who can’t afford to buy safety seats for their children.

I thought about that and wondered, how is this possible. We are supposed to be the richest country in the world. How is it possible that so many families are so poor that they can’t even afford buying protection for their children? In fact, there are so many that the organization that helps them has a waiting list so long they have to shut it down for new applications.

Using car safety seats is federally mandated (all states have their own laws in addition to the federal laws) and not using one puts your child in serious danger. Why is there no provisions in the laws that regulate car safety helping families in need? We really can’t afford that?

I think we have our priorities all wrong. Would it REALLY be so bad if you paid $10 more in taxes to fund some more Government programs that would help the millions and millions of poor people in the country and maybe reduce poverty instead of increase it like what’s happened in the past few years?

Listening to the presidential candidates, it does seem so. Taxes is like a four-letter word. Me, me, me, me is not.


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