Wanted: Wireless Pixxa digiframe from Ality

If anyone knows where to buy a Wireless Pixxa 8″ wifi digiframe either on the Internets or in New York metro area, please drop me a note. I’ve been trying to hunt one of these bad boys down for months.

See more at http://www.wirelesspixxa.com/


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  • I also want to know where to buy one of these. I just started looking on the 6th as well.. Great minds think a like or something. If I find a place I will send you a note, if you can do the same.

  • Answer:

    Bestbuy.com (only available on the online store)
    Frontgate.com (only says 8″ Wireless LCD Picture Frame)

    Hope it helps – let me know at josephcirrilla@gmail.com

  • Thanks JC,

    The digiframe on Bestbuy.com is not the right one, however. Ality has several different models. The one on sale at Bestbuy.com has a model number AL-MD1C. The one I’m looking for is AL-WIPI8.

    Frontgate.com appears to be selling the right one. The product photo looks like AL-WIPI8, but the product information is so poor that I can’t be sure. Furthermore it’s not currently available. They list 11/14 as the available date. I’m 100% sure that day will come and go without them having it in stock.

    I’ll keep my eyes on that though. I started tracking this sucker in January 2008. It was supposed to come to market in Q1 2008. It didn’t. Then when it did hit the market late Q2 2008, it was on sale only in Australia.

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