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Torture on US soil

CNN.com reports that two immigrants, who were deported from the United States, are suing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) with the help of ACLU.

It appears that ICE decided it’d be a good idea to forcefully inject the detainees with powerful anti-psychotic drugs to make the detainees easier to handle. The detainees medical condition was not assessed before the injections, so the drugs could’ve had severe side effects with other medication the detainees might have taken.

I know ICE really doesn’t think immigrants, especially the illegal ones, have any rights and that they can do whatever they please to these people, but this is going way over the line. It is, according to all international (and likely domestic) laws, torture, plain and simple.

Let’s see what becomes of this. Will some higher ups get a slap on the wrist, or is there going to be an appropriate punishment for all involved for torturing another human being?


EFF, AALL, ACLU and Public Citizen gang up on RIAA

I guess RIAA’s just been called out. The acronym combination is kind of like the royal flush of free speech / civil liberties advocates in the US. I wonder if such a combination has ever joined together against an organization such as RIAA before.

EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), AALL (American Association of Law Libraries), ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and Public Citizen have filed an amicus brief in favor of Deborah Foster’s motion to have RIAA pay for her legal fees.

RIAA sued Ms. Foster claiming she was sharing copyrighted content on a P2P network. RIAA withdrew the case after dragging the case for months when they already knew Ms. Foster wasn’t guilty (her daughter was).

The brief is fascinating reading and outlines in plain english RIAA’s legal tactics.

EFF’s press release and the brief about the brief can be found at EFF’s website.