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EFF, AALL, ACLU and Public Citizen gang up on RIAA

I guess RIAA’s just been called out. The acronym combination is kind of like the royal flush of free speech / civil liberties advocates in the US. I wonder if such a combination has ever joined together against an organization such as RIAA before.

EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), AALL (American Association of Law Libraries), ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and Public Citizen have filed an amicus brief in favor of Deborah Foster’s motion to have RIAA pay for her legal fees.

RIAA sued Ms. Foster claiming she was sharing copyrighted content on a P2P network. RIAA withdrew the case after dragging the case for months when they already knew Ms. Foster wasn’t guilty (her daughter was).

The brief is fascinating reading and outlines in plain english RIAA’s legal tactics.

EFF’s press release and the brief about the brief can be found at EFF’s website.


EFF has published a paper on the unintended consequences of DMCA

The EFF paper is a great collection of DMCA horror stories.

I’m pretty sure the copyright owners see the list as a collection of their greatest moments though.


EFF sues AT&T for illegal wiretapping

EFF has filed a class action lawsuit against AT&T claiming AT&T has been secretly, and illegally, giving NSA access to all of AT&T’s cellphone calls data and all Internet traffic flowing through its networks.

Of note about this is that the Internet traffic flowing through AT&T’s networks is not necessarily sent from or to AT&T, as AT&T operates one of the backbone networks that route traffic from provider to provider. Essentially this means that the NSA has been illegally wiretapping, with AT&T’s active participation, a large percentage of all Internet traffic in the United States.

Update: Here’s some information about exactly what the NSA is listening. Great stuff.