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AT&T and iPhone, a dysfunctional couple

Consumerist.com is reporting that iPhones are not currently offered to customers of AT&T in New York City (incl. suburbs) due to capacity problems with the AT&T cell network. Several other sources have independently confirmed it.

How fucking awesome is that.

AT&T PR should have a fairly busy day tomorrow trying to spin this. I can’t wait.

Say, Google, what’s the release date of Nexus One again?


The Billboard Liberation Front brings more truth in advertising

The Billboard Liberation Front today announced a major new advertising improvement campaign executed on behalf of clients AT&T and the National Security Agency. Focusing on billboards in the San Francisco area, this improvement action is designed to promote and celebrate the innovative collaboration of these two global communications giants.

Yes, an improvement, I say.

Can you hear us now? Oh, that was another company.


AT&T to customers: Fuck your privacy

AT&T gets sued for violating their own privacy policy and disclosing confidential information about their customers and their usage records to 3rd parties.

What does AT&T do to rectify the situation? Apologize and vow to protect customers’ privacy better in the future? Naah, that wouldn’t be Big Corp (tm) enough.

Instead AT&T rewrites its privacy policy to state, in no uncertain terms, that AT&T customers have no privacy whatsoever and AT&T can do whatever the hell they please with your data. Excellent!

Customers to AT&T: No. Fuck you.


AT&T’s illegal Internet traffic wiretapping details are public

Wired has published the evidence against AT&T in the class action lawsuit filed by EFF.

The evidence suggests AT&T has installed cable splitters on its backbone optic fibre cables to “copy” Internet traffic.

The evidence shows that not only are splitters in place on AT&T’s own network, but even more seriously on the backbone that routes traffic from/to AT&T’s peering partners. AT&T is illegally tapping its competitors network traffic effectively allowing whoever is in the receiving end of that data to wiretap all US Internet traffic.

Ingenius AT&T.

Let’s see…accomplish in illegal wiretapping, violating peering contracts, violating their own customers’ privacy, violating the privacy of AT&T’s competitors’.

If I had a peering contract with AT&T, I’d be on the phone with AT&T right about now informing AT&T that all peering agreements with AT&T are void as of 5 minutes ago. I’d cut all peer connections to AT&T (after arranging alternative ones) and then I’d sue AT&T for damages.

The individual court documents are available at:


EFF sues AT&T for illegal wiretapping

EFF has filed a class action lawsuit against AT&T claiming AT&T has been secretly, and illegally, giving NSA access to all of AT&T’s cellphone calls data and all Internet traffic flowing through its networks.

Of note about this is that the Internet traffic flowing through AT&T’s networks is not necessarily sent from or to AT&T, as AT&T operates one of the backbone networks that route traffic from provider to provider. Essentially this means that the NSA has been illegally wiretapping, with AT&T’s active participation, a large percentage of all Internet traffic in the United States.

Update: Here’s some information about exactly what the NSA is listening. Great stuff.