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AT&T and iPhone, a dysfunctional couple

Consumerist.com is reporting that iPhones are not currently offered to customers of AT&T in New York City (incl. suburbs) due to capacity problems with the AT&T cell network. Several other sources have independently confirmed it.

How fucking awesome is that.

AT&T PR should have a fairly busy day tomorrow trying to spin this. I can’t wait.

Say, Google, what’s the release date of Nexus One again?


The best product review. Ever.

Gizmodo’s iPhone review has to be one of the best product reviews ever to be published anywhere.

That’s the sort of stuff I look forward to reading on the gadget blogs. Well done!

Signing up for the iPhone is like being tossed into a menage a trois with Angelina and Rosie O’Donnell. You want the beauty, you have to sleep with the beast.

That sealed the deal.