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Adam Vitale goes to jail for 30 months

Spamming scum Adam Vitale was finally sentenced this week.

He gets 30 months in jail and gets to pay AOL $180K in restitution. AOL will, of course, never see the money, but it’s high time this asshole is finally landing behind bars.


Adam Vitale pleads guilty to CAN-SPAM violations

Adam Vitale pleads guilty to CAN-SPAM violations and is facing a sentence of up to 11 years in prison at his sentencing hearing on September 13th.

Up yours, spammer scum. September 13th can’t come quick enough.


A good day in the fight against spam

Wayne Mansfield, spamming scum of the most stereotypical kind from Australia, had his first day in court. He will be found guilty, and he will be bankrupt by the penalties imposed by the court.

The second featured spamming scum today is one Adam Vitale, who got his balls stepped on by the US Secret Service.

Up yours, spammer scum.