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Scum finally gets his just deserts

Alan Ralsky, a career spammer and fraudster, is finally, after about a decade of spamming everyone with questionable and downright illegal schemes, going to prison.

He’s received a 51 month sentence for his part in a pump and dump stock scheme. Rot in jail scum.

Here’s hoping he’ll do something stupid in prison and gets his sentence doubled. He’s a sociopath and will never stop his criminal activities. When he gets out of prison he’ll be right back to his old ways. Guaranteed. Throw away the key instead.


Circuit City customer list being sold to spammers

Circuit City went bankrupt and is no longer operating. Its assets are being sold piece by piece to the highest bidder.

It turns out one of those assets is its customer list. It’s being sold as is, with all the contact information, including email addresses.

Let me be absolutely clear. You can not buy mailing lists without becoming a spammer. Any email campaigns addressed to that list by the buyer will be spam. You will be automatically labeled as a spammer, you will be blacklisted and blocked by the recipients of your spam. I’m sincerely hoping organizations like SpamHaus will block you on first sight of any email to the Circuit City customer list.

I have a unique Email address on that list. I will know exactly who bought the list the first time it’s going to be used. I suspect others will too.


Miserable failure

I get all kinds of spam. That happens when your email address has been all over the Internet for more than 10 years. This guy, however, needs to get another job. Scamming people by spamming them does not seem to be his forte. See for yourself.

$WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt}
$WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt}
$WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt}
$WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt}

That’s a word by word quote of the entire spammed message.


Spamming scum murders his family, kills himself

Edward Davidson, the spamming scum, who escaped prison yesterday, decided to go with a bang and murdered his wife and 3-year-old daughter.

Spammers never cease to be douchebags, I suppose.


Spamming scum escapes prison

Edward Davidson, a spamming scum hailing from Colorado, decided it’d be a good idea to escape the minimum security prison camp he was serving his 21-month sentence for spamming the world with his pump-and-dump and other scams.

Nobody ever accused spamming scum being smart. Eddie here is living (for now) proof of that.

I sure hope he enjoys the maximum security prison he’s going to end up after he’s caught and sentenced.


Adam Vitale goes to jail for 30 months

Spamming scum Adam Vitale was finally sentenced this week.

He gets 30 months in jail and gets to pay AOL $180K in restitution. AOL will, of course, never see the money, but it’s high time this asshole is finally landing behind bars.


Spammah in da slammah

Two spammers got their sorry asses in the news in the past few days.

The first one is career spamming slime that goes by the name of Robert Soloway. He got caught by the man some time ago and on Friday 3/14 finally made a plea deal with the prosecutor. He is pleading guilty to felony mail fraud, fraud in connection with electronic mail and failing to file a tax return. Most other charges were dropped in exchange for his guilty plea. He still faces up to 20 years in prison for the fraud charge.

It’s wonderful to see scum of the earth like dear Robert in such a big mess.

And today FTC announced it’s going to fine Valueclick and its subsidiary Hi-Speed Media $2.9M for spamming and defrauding US consumers with fake free product spam ads. Go you, FTC!


TD Ameritrade owned by spammers for years

The anti-spam community has been long suspecting something’s not right with TD Ameritrade. It seems email addresses of new customers of TD Ameritrade leak to spammers very soon after they were used to create TD Ameritrade accounts. This has been going on for at least 2 – 3 years.

The leading theories for the cause of the data leaks has been either unauthorized access to TD Ameritrade customer information or a marketing partner of TD Ameritrade’s selling mailing lists to third parties.

Today the suspicions have been proven true, as TD Ameritrade published information that they have uncovered “unauthorized code” on their system allowing spammers access to their customer records. And that’s pretty much all TD Ameritrade said.

It took TD Ameritrade far too long to react to customer complaints regarding their leaking customer information. It also took them far too long to find this backdoor on their computer system. It’s incredible a leading brokerage company in the United States can operate for years without knowing spammers are tapping into their customer information in real-time.


Pfizer spams for Viagra

Viagra spam is nothing new. It’s probably been going on even before the FDA approved it. Who knows.

But what is new is that Pfizer computers are spewing a lot of it out to the Internet. It seems that a whole bunch of Pfizer corporate computers have been infected with trojans and are acting as zombies in a botnet hired to send out Viagra spam. The irony.

You would think Pfizer would jump on fixing its zombies, but apparently this has been going on for a while according to Wired.


Spammer in the slammer. Good news.

Christopher “Rizzler” Smith  has been convicted to 30 years in prison for nine charges of conspiracy, illegal distribution of drugs, money laundering and operating a “continuing criminal enterprise.”

Up yours, spammer scum!