Miserable failure

I get all kinds of spam. That happens when your email address has been all over the Internet for more than 10 years. This guy, however, needs to get another job. Scamming people by spamming them does not seem to be his forte. See for yourself.

$WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt}
$WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt}
$WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt}
$WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt} $WordFile{click.txt}

That’s a word by word quote of the entire spammed message.


2 Responses to “Miserable failure”

  • Spammer QA is atrocious. The just fire this stuff up with no testing what-so-ever. They’re going to ruin their reputation as professionals.


  • Hommaa purkinavaaja. Kyllä nötkötistä saa tehtyä miltei maistuvaa ruokaa. Jos tavoitat jonkun vanhan suomalaisen sotku spaden, niin tuhansia vinkkejä on jo valmiina.

    Totta puhuen on meitä moneen junaan, jopa siihen viimeiseen resiinaan. huh

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