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Scum finally gets his just deserts

Alan Ralsky, a career spammer and fraudster, is finally, after about a decade of spamming everyone with questionable and downright illegal schemes, going to prison.

He’s received a 51 month sentence for his part in a pump and dump stock scheme. Rot in jail scum.

Here’s hoping he’ll do something stupid in prison and gets his sentence doubled. He’s a sociopath and will never stop his criminal activities. When he gets out of prison he’ll be right back to his old ways. Guaranteed. Throw away the key instead.


Up yours, Michigan spammer scum

Daniel J. Lin is not just any spammer. He’s from West Bloomfield, MI.

While West Bloomfield, MI does not have the same notoriety as Boca Raton, FL for more spammers per square inch, it’s probably the 3rd on the list of Top Spam Sources list in the world. West Bloomfield, MI is the current hometown of one Alan Ralsky, career criminal, habitual liar, sociopath, and, yes, a spammer. In fact one of the biggest spammers in the world.

Daniel J. Lin has been spamming with and for Alan Ralsky for a long time, and now finally the law caught up with him. He’s made a guilty plea deal with the prosecutors and we can only hope the plea deal was made in exchange for his testimony against Alan Ralsky.

Ralsky, you’d look perfect in an orange jumpsuit. Hope you get to wear it soon.


Up yours, spammer scum, yet again

Alan Ralsky, the self-proclaimed Spam King, finally got caught with his pants down. The FBI raided his home and his son-in-law’s home and seized all of their computer equipment and business records.

Ralsky, like other high profile spammers, is no stranger to being in the wrong side of the law. He’s served jail time for fraud in the past. Let’s hope they put him back where he belongs after the FBI has concluded the investigation on this vermin.