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Cat bathing advice

I’m scarred, psychologically and, more importantly, physically, from last night’s cat bathing “adventure”.

I wish I’d read the advice from cat bathing veterans beforehand. Despite being fairly well prepared (a long sleeve shirt is a MUST) and having a two to one advantage over our little William Gibson, he turned out to be a mighty adversary. I have scars in places I never knew could be reached by claws.

Next time, Gibbie, the rules will have changed!


William Gibson is in the house!

William Gibson arrived into our household on Saturday. Our old cat, Leo, doesn’t seem to be too happy about it.

William Gibson is extremely sweet. He likes to climb on top of you and burrow his head onto you and then purr real loud. He also does what can only be described as a happy dance on top of you any time you let him. He also likes to be held, unlike Leo, who will only withstand being held for about 20 seconds.

Let’s see what happens in the next few months. Leo is a big cat, not fat, but just really big. He’s only two years old but weighs over 15 pounds. William Gibson is really tiny. He’s about 7 months, not quite 6 pounds yet, very slim and scrappy. He kinda dances around the apartment, sidestepping at every opportunity to jump on a table or whatever. Leo goes in a straight line from A to B and does not stray in his quest to get to where he wants to go. It looks like the cats couldn’t be any more different. William Gibson is holding his own though. He’s got a mean jab, one which Leo seemingly wants to avoid.


Cats are cute, and sometimes useful

Don’t try that at home though.