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Who votes for Bush?

A friend of mine sent me a link explaining why Bush won.


Bush 281 – Kerry 257

Bush will take Iowa as well gaining 7 more votes from my previous prediction.


Bush 274 – Kerry 264

Bush wins Ohio, Alaska and New Mexico, Kerry the rest of the remaining states.

4 more years of deceipt, lies and fear. Hurray!


Ohio is a dead heat

At the time of writing Florida appears to have gone to Bush, so Ohio is almost certainly the deciding state.

Right now the votes go as follows:

Bush: 2,245,388
Kerry: 2,112,297

But if you take a look at the county level votes Cuyahoga, the most densely populated county in the state is voting overwhelmingly in favor of Kerry, and only has 76% of the votes counted. Assuming the votes are being tallied at an even pace, there’s roughly 100,000 votes left in the county, of which roughly 65% will go to Kerry. That’s 30,000 more votes for Kerry than for Bush.

Bush will win Ohio by about 50,000 – 75,000 votes, and will get elected again.


Florida 2000 – child’s play, 2004 will be worse

If you thought the 2000 presidential elections in Florida were bad, just wait till November.

Greg Palast, the American born reporter now living in UK who also broke the story about the voting list irregularities in the 2000 Florida elections, is reporting the Republicans are planning on disrupting voting in the state’s African-American voting districts in Florida.

There are reports from several states of similar tactics by the Republicans:

Voter registration forms change party affiliation from Democrat to Republican in Pennsylvania
Mass voter challenges in primarily Democrat communities of Ohio

Obviously forged or false registrations are an issue, but it looks like the Republicans are going out all barrels blazing trying to block as many Democrats from voting as possible.

Instead of trying to encourage people to vote, the Republicans appear to be doing their best to get people NOT to vote. What is wrong with these people?


First Election Debate – Summary on George Bush

I kick ass, vote for me, yiihaa!

That about sums up the message we heard from Mr. Bush tonight. He was defensive, ill prepared to counter John Kerry’s arguments and generally did not look comfortable unless quoting prepared statements from memory.