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Stepneygate 101

Wired has published an excellent article about the Stepnegate Formula One spy scandal from last summer. The article is written by writer Mark Seal.

The article describes what transpired, why Nigel Stepney did it, how he was caught, and many reactions from stakeholders. It’s an excellent and quite in depth look into one of the most bizarre and, yes, interesting events to ever have happened to Formula One.


Heikki Kovalainen signs a contract with McLaren

Finnish Formula One pilot Heikki Kovalainen has signed a long-term contract with the McLaren Formula One team to replace Fernando Alonso.

With Kimi Räikkönen a World Champion at Ferrari and Heikki at McLaren the 2008 Formula One season is looking to be one hell of an exciting one for Finns!

Suomi voittoon!


Breaking News: McLaren Formula One team stripped of its 2007 points. Driver points spared.

The ongoing espionage scandal in Formula One reached a conclusion today when FIA made a decision to disqualify the McLaren Formula One team from the competition for the remainder of the 2007 season as well as the whole 2008 season for stealing and using information from the Ferrari team.

This is incredible. The McLaren drivers, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, are currently one and two in the season standings and one of them was bound to win the 2007 championship.

This has to be one of the biggest scandals to hit ANY sport in history.

And there seems to be more coming as rumors are circulating that the Renault F1 team had the same information and also used it in their cars.

Update: BBC is now reporting that instead of disqualification, the McLaren F1 team is going to lose its 2007 points and be hit with a $100M fine. The McLaren drivers will retain their points, and the 2008 car is subject to a special inspection before it’s allowed to participate in the 2008 season.