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Charge Nancy Grace with murder

Melinda Duckett, a mother of a missing two-year-old, was interviewed by Nancy Grace, one of the attack hounds pretending to be TV journalists. Within 24 hours of the interview Melinda Duckett committed suicide. In the interview Ms. Grace came inches short of actually accusing her of killing her baby. In her usual style Ms. Grace was presuming her interviewee was guilty, just because Ms. Grace thought she was.

Melinda Duckett might’ve very well killed her baby, who knows. However, when an interviewer knows her interviewee has a history of suicide attempts and is already distressed, would it be wise to push as hard as Ms. Grace did?

It probably wouldn’t, but then Ms. Grace never has cared for anything other than her ratings, so it doesn’t really come as a great surprise to me she would recklessly endanger the life of Melinda Duckett.

I suppose she thinks she did a great service to the mankind for what she did. I’m sure she also thinks the guilty deserve anything they got coming to them. Too bad Melinda Duckett wasn’t found guilty by anyone else than Ms. Grace at this point.

Take Nancy Grace off the air, and arrest her for murdering Melinda Duckett.

Update: Melinda Duckett’s family is sueing CNN and Nancy Grace