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Miller Light – tastes like spam

Miller Brewing hates losing customers from its spam lists. That’s why they hired Equifax and their spam factory Naviant to do a little e-pending.

E-pending is a term used for a spammer technique of finding your Email address using other information, usually your name and mail address. A spammer, in this case Miller Brewing, has your other information, but not your email address. They’ll trawl online databases for likely matches, and basically append their records of you with the Email address found with the search. E-pending is notoriously inaccurate and guaranteed to generate spam.

Naviant, which was bought by the credit report agency Equifax a few years back, is a well known spammer. It is run by Scott Hirsch, a long time career spammer. In his past he’s partnered to spam with such great, honest people like Eddy Marin, a convicted cocaine dealer.

Here we have Miller Brewing partnering with Scott Hirsch to spam you. I think I’ll have my football with Budweiser from now on (not really, since it tastes like water, too).

-TPP – drink imported, it’s better