Up Yours, spammer scum – pt, erm, whatever

Robert Braver, an owner of a small ISP in Ohio, has made a hobby of suing spammers in violation of the Ohio state anti-spamming laws.

This time he hit the jackpot, and managed to not only get a $10M judgment against a career spammer Robert Soloway, who runs Newport Internet Marketing, but also get an injuction barring this spamming scum from spamming, anywhere, again. Robert Soloway is currently at #9 of the Top 10 Spammers at Spamhaus. It looks like his ranking is about to drop a few notches soon.

Robert Soloway is one of those career criminals, who habitually break the law whenever it suits his needs. He’s done every dirty spammer trick in the book, and then some. There probably isn’t a computer crime in the books he hasn’t violated. Enforcement being what it is he hasn’t unfortunately been a frequent visitor to the jails in this country. Let’s hope the situation changes when he violates the injuction (and he will, no question).

Nice work Mr. Braver! Now go get every single penny and trinket this criminal owns!


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