Daily Archive for March 1st, 2006

George Bush caught lying or being a dumbass, or both

The Associated Press today released a video taped Katrina hurricane readiness planning meeting before the hurricane hit New Orleans. In attendance were among others President George Bush and FEMA Director Michael Brown.

During the meeting several experts gave clear warnings what was about to happen. FEMA Director Michael Brown is seen and heard expressing many concerns that would ultimately get realized. He was clearly stating that New Orleans was not appropriately prepared.

George Bush, on the other hand, reassures the audience that the Federal Government is “fully prepared” to help the local governments during the storm and with the aftermath. Actual events indicate he was either lying through his teeth or didn’t know any better, in which case he was just pulling things out of his ass.

Four days later he’s interviewed by ABC News and tells the interviewer could anticipate the scope of the storm. THAT is an outright lie. Or he’s suffering from a very bad case of short term memory loss.

And yet we have people who still trust this baboon. Incredible.