Foreigners in the US – guilty until departing the country

The Guardian is reporting on new plans by the US Government to extend the US-Visit program’s fingerprinting requirements for foreign visitors to the US.

The US is planning on taking 10-digit, instead of today’s two-digit, fingerprints from all foreign visitors, storing the fingerprints in the FBI fingerprint database, and allowing sharing the fingerprint information with foreign law enforcement agencies effectively bypassing any due process rights you might’ve otherwise had in case you do end up in legal trouble.

All this, of course, to catch the terrorists. Terrorists, who wouldn’t forge their identity, including fingerprints. Yes, that’s entirely possible, and according to studies, even easy.

Let’s see who is the first innocent bystander, who gets falsely identified as a terrorist.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to have plastic surgery to get 10 middle fingers? Anyone?


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