Monthly Archive for December, 2006 is live!

Hosting has been arranged for the next 2 years.

Nerd power!

DNS settings are still propagating, but it looks like at least the US part of the Intertubes is already well aware of the awesomeness that is

-TPP aka madfinn (at)

It’s finally ours!

Checking server []

descr: Kerkko Paananen
status: Granted
created: 28.12.2006
expires: 28.12.2009
nserver: [OK]
nserver: [OK]

More information is available at
Copyright (c) Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority

And there was much rejoicing among the nerds of the Paananen family.

The domain has been unavailable for the past three years and just came available again 25 minutes ago.


Oh, the irony

A company that has built part of the fence between Mexico and USA has been found knowingly employing illegal immigrants.


The Godfather of Soul is dead

The sound of a funky drummer has been silenced.


Congressional aide to U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-MT) commits a felony crime

Todd Shriber, 28-year-old communications director for Representative Denny Rehberg (R-MT), has been exposed to have solicited two computer hackers to commit felony crimes.

It appears Mr. Shriber felt his college grades weren’t good enough and engaged two well known operators of the website in an email conversation about hacking into the computer system of Mr. Shriber’s College to alter his grades. The school he went to: Texas Christian University. Thou shalt not steal, Mr. Shriber?

What Mr. Shriber didn’t know is that operators are white-hat hackers and had no intention of going through with the plan. Instead they strung him along and finally posted the entire Email conversation on their website. A reporter investigating the story then found out Mr. Shriber’s true identity.

Mr. Shriber was fired from his congressional aide position.

There is no word, as of yet, on any possible arrest warrant issued for him. Soliciting someone to commit a felony crime is a crime in itself. Federal guidelines state soliciting felony crimes should be punishable by half the sentence of the crime being solicited.

The email conversation is posted on website.

More links to the press coverage on the story:
Talking Points Memo


Virtual New York City

New York City Journals is documenting one person’s project to replicate New York City in Sim City 4.

This thing is incredible. It is extremely well done. The amount of work gone into it already must be ridiculous.


New York City 2030

New York City Mayor Bloomberg has revealed his long term development plan for New York City.

It’s a great read of the problems New York City will face during the next 25 years, and how the city is preparing to tackle them.

One can only wish Bloomberg’s successor(s) will also be looking into the future beoynd their term limits.



Update: Looks like it really was Chase who called me. Damn phishers making everyone paranoid.

Today I’ve received two calls on my cellphone supposedly from 1-800-454-9078.

The automated call claims to be from Fraud Center at Chase and is asking me to verify information regarding my Chase PriorityClub credit card. The caller has my cellphone number and the last four digits of my credit card. I can only imagine what the caller wants to do with the data.

I use this credit card very seldom. In fact, I haven’t used it for months before yesterday. Someone, somewhere swiped my credit card information yesterday. Very interesting. I used the credit card on two online stores yesterday. Both supposedly VERY reputable. Either they, their credit card processing company of my PC have been hacked.

I don’t think it’s my PC, because I make purchases from it using other credit cards all the time, and I haven’t received similar phonecalls about my other credit cards before.

Let’s see what kind of payments will start appearing on my credit card this week.