Daily Archive for March 20th, 2008

Human rights activists continue to get persecuted in Russia

In yet another small Russian province human rights activists are getting persecuted by the local gestapo.

In Nizhny Novgorod, located in central Russia, the local police force raided the offices of a human rights activist group and homes of several opposition leaders. All computers of the Foundation to Promote Tolerance were confiscated and the office was sealed.

Some of the people raided got their passports confiscated. Maxim Baganov got slapped with a charge for Extremism. Basically the authorities are charging him for being a terrorist, more or less. All the people involved have been under 24/7 surveillance for some time before the raids.

The people getting persecuted in this manner are speculating that show trials are the next step in the process. They are saying the authorities will fabricate extremist material in their name and recall “victims” of extremist actions conducted by the opposition leaders. Goebbels would be proud of these New Communists.


Jack Thompson aka Massacre Chaser sanctioned by the Florida Supreme Court

Jack Thompson, the Massacre Chaser extraordinaire, moronic vigilante of morality and a delusional narcissistic egomaniac has been sanctioned by the Florida Supreme Court. FINALLY!

The Florida Bar Association has been on his case for quite some time already having forced him to go through a psychological evaluation twice in the past. The Florida Bar Association is also currently in disciplinary proceedings against Jack Thompson. Jack Thompson is facing disbarment should the Florida Bar Association find that his actions in recent years has broken the rules of the Florida Bar Association.

Today, however, another matter was decided on. Jack Thompson thought it would be a great idea to send legal picture books disguised as legal filings to the Florida Supreme Court. He was warned that if he continues doing that, he will face sanctions. Today the hammer struck down.

The Florida Supreme Court has issued an order instructing the court clerks to reject any filings by Jack Thompson that are not co-signed by another attorney in good standing with the Florida Bar Association. It was also ordered if Jack Thompson violates the court order he will face further sanctions.

As Jack Thompson is one regular Xerox machine sometimes filing several filings a day, this is going to seriously limit his ability to fight windmills down there in Miami. Since he’s essentially only working for himself, the only real costs to him with his frequent and abusive filings has been time. This time, however, he has to pay some other lawyer to read and sign his filings before he can file them with the Florida Supreme Court.

Score one for the establishment! Let’s get this idiot disbarred!