Monthly Archive for February, 2008

The Billboard Liberation Front brings more truth in advertising

The Billboard Liberation Front today announced a major new advertising improvement campaign executed on behalf of clients AT&T and the National Security Agency. Focusing on billboards in the San Francisco area, this improvement action is designed to promote and celebrate the innovative collaboration of these two global communications giants.

Yes, an improvement, I say.

Can you hear us now? Oh, that was another company.


Bureau of Communication – Let That Which Is Unsaid Be Said

The goals of the Bureau of Communication are admirable:

Every day, there are millions of thoughts that go unspoken. To promote better understanding between the peoples of the world, the Bureau of Communication is pleased to present a selection of fill-in-the-blank stationery for everyday correspondence. Whether you need to communicate a problem, send an invitation to an event, or simply apologize for a transgression, our easy-to-use forms will ensure that your message is clearly conveyed.

Communication. Yes, we can never be too good at it. And with the help of the Bureau of Communication even the most incompetent communicator among us can convey themselves clearly and succinctly.


PS. Happy Valentines!

Dickipedia – Wikipedia of dicks

Once in a while you stumble on a great idea on the Intertubes. Dickipedia is one such thing.

It’s got the greatest collection of dicks anywhere. Featured are such humongous dicks as Vladimir Putin, Geraldo Rivera, Barry Bonds, Rudy Giualini, Bill O’Reilly and as a special favor to New Yorkers, Tom Brady.

The site is rife with evidence of dickishness such as:

Bonds was indicted on November 15, 2007, on perjury and obstruction of justice charges in connection with the BALCO investigation. He faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted on all counts. Among the inmate population, being a dick is not believed to be a big plus.

Geraldo sports a trademark mustache that is half 1980s relief pitcher and half cop, with just a touch of gay porn star thrown in for good measure. It is, arguably, the most laughable piece of facial hair in America.

How can you argue against that? You can’t!


Everyone crossing the border to the US is guilty until proven innocent

The Washington Post is writing about an alarming development in the “war on terror”.

It seems that instead of being content on just searching people’s electronic devices, without a warrant or other grounds, the US Customs officers are now copying information out of travelers’ laptops, cell phones, mp3 players and other electronic devices that store information on them.

Nobody’s been able to find out what they’re actually doing with the data after it’s been copied. Where is it stored, who sees it, what is done with the information. Nobody knows.

Everything seems to be free game. Call logs from cellphones, browsing histories from browsers, Word documents, etc.

Naturally companies whose employees travel out or into the US often are quite concerned. The Washington Post article lists several real concerns about this “policy”. How are they to protect trade secrets, sensitive information about clients or journalistic sources when the information can be copied at will by minimum wage flunkies on the US border.


Shame on US and us, too

I just found out about a charity that donates car safety seats, among other things, to families in need. What a wonderful idea, I thought.

But then my wife pointed out that the organization has had to shut down the application process, because they are getting overwhelmed by the demand from families, who can’t afford to buy safety seats for their children.

I thought about that and wondered, how is this possible. We are supposed to be the richest country in the world. How is it possible that so many families are so poor that they can’t even afford buying protection for their children? In fact, there are so many that the organization that helps them has a waiting list so long they have to shut it down for new applications.

Using car safety seats is federally mandated (all states have their own laws in addition to the federal laws) and not using one puts your child in serious danger. Why is there no provisions in the laws that regulate car safety helping families in need? We really can’t afford that?

I think we have our priorities all wrong. Would it REALLY be so bad if you paid $10 more in taxes to fund some more Government programs that would help the millions and millions of poor people in the country and maybe reduce poverty instead of increase it like what’s happened in the past few years?

Listening to the presidential candidates, it does seem so. Taxes is like a four-letter word. Me, me, me, me is not.