Arto “Java” Javanainen, 1959 – 2011.

My childhood hero, a Finnish ice hockey legend and the best hockey player my hometown hockey team has ever had passed away today at the age of 51.

He holds a number of records in the Finnish hockey league. Here’re a few of them:

Most goals: 462
Most hattricks: 39
Most play-off goals: 38
Most goals in a season: 47

He played 668 matches in 17 regular seasons and had 462 goals and 330 passes for a total of 792 points, which is the 2nd highest points of all time. He had 99 matches with 3 points or more. He scored 6 goals against Helsingin Jokerit October 17th 1985.

Thank you for the memories, Java!


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  • R.I.P.

    Plus. If we are talking his points. We have to rememember: that time he starterted his career, there wasn’t 2nd asist points otherwise Janne Ojanen (Leading points) did have his whole career. So, for me Java is still number one (untouchable).

    I hope we win this season for the great #4!

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