Daily Archive for December 23rd, 2009

Iron Chef Morimoto and I

A friend of mine is visiting the US and NYC for the holidays. I took him and his girlfriend over to Morimoto for dinner.

Iron Chef Morimoto was visiting the restaurant and was gracious enough to come and say hi and pose for photos. Awesome! My wife and I watch Iron Chef America all the time!

I took out my iPhone to take some photos, and Mr. Morimoto sees the wallpaper image on my iPhone and asks if that’s my daughter. I say yes, and he shows his iPhone and the wallpaper image of his “baby”. He’s got a picture of his little puppy on his iPhone. I ask him which one is cuter, and he says for him it’s the puppy. Cheeky fella 🙂

The food, btw, was ridiculously good.