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Stolen Elections – Only on PBS

I just watched a really interesting segment of Now on PBS. It was about problems with voting in the United States and how the Department of Justice is no longer interested in enforcing laws that guarantee every eligible voter gets to vote.

Instead it seems the Department of Justice has been co opted by the neo-conservative arm of the Republican Party to work on making sure non-Republican voters can not vote. As a result the arm of the DOJ that is supposed to protect Americans’ right to vote has seen half of its career lawyers leave during the Bush Administration years. During the past five years the DOJ hasn’t brought on a single lawsuit in favor of voters whose right to vote have been illegally denied. It’s the first time in history that’s happened.

The Republican Party is actively engaging in several different practices that aim to remove seemingly “unrepublican” voters from the voter registries across the country but specifically in battleground states. What kind of a democratic institution would do that? China does that. Russia does that. Saddam Hussein did that.

What’s even more sad than catching the Republicans with their pants down giving it to the American public while they’re on their knees is that nobody but the PBS is covering it. Not a single mainstream media outlet is reporting on the issue other than in passing. Here you have the ruling party actively, and almost certainly illegally, preventing eligible voters from voting, for years, and people don’t even know, because nobody is talking about it.

What the hell.


Putin shutting down critics using piracy witchhunts

If the Burmese Government was as smart about suppressing free speech and civil rights as the Russian Government is, they would’ve probably already killed all the monks in the country and gotten a medal for it from the US.

The latest tactic by the Russian Government to shut down critics involves raiding the offices of newspapers and political activists in search of pirated software. It’s pretty ingenious really when you think about it. The United States has pressed Russia for stronger intellectual property protection laws and enforcement for years. I don’t think this is what the US bargained for however.

The Washington Post is writing that in the past 10 months several newspapers, advocacy groups and political activists have been raided, their computer equipment has been confiscated and staff has been detained for questioning because alleged use of pirated software in at least five different cities.


Ava Karoliina Mei-Lin Paananen

Born November 9th 2007 at 9:53am EST.

She is beautiful.


Finland is big time now

Looks like in its never ending quest to copy everything American Finland’s taken yet another step.

A high school student in Tuusula, Finland went on a shooting spree in his school killing 8 people earlier today.

It appears the shooter gave several clues about his intentions before the shooting. He was wearing shirts with gun imagery, drawing pictures of shootings and even placed a video titled “Jokela High School Massacre – 11/7/2007″ on YouTube before the shooting. He told others who asked about his behavior that he was just joking.

The shooter was arrested. There is no death penalty in Finland. Shame really. Although it might be unnecessary as the shooter shot himself in the head and is now in an intensive care unit in critical condition. Doctors are saying his prognosis is not good.

Update: The shooter has died in the hospital without gaining consciousness.